The German Rex has a beautiful, thick, soft and wavy or curly coat. Whereas the other Rexbreeds are often called 'ugly', the German Rex will usually not be commented like that. For the lack of extreme characteristics, these cats are well liked by most. The type of the German Rex is somewhat similar to the European Shorthair breed, but with a special coat structure. Most people are amazed when they feel the soft, dense fur which is unique for this breed.

All coat colours are allowed, but in practice colour is not a breed goal. First it is important to improve the type and genetic variation, selecting on coat colour would risk waisting all these efforts.

Rex cats moult just like any other cat. Because of the lack of guard hairs the shedding is somewhat milder. Brushing or combing is not necessary, you can easily remove the loose fluffy hairs by stroking the fur with your hands or a damp cloth.

The German Rex is not a hypoallergenic cat, as sometimes stated. People who are allergic to cats are usually not allergic to the hairs, but to the protein which is expressed in the saliva.

The German Rex is a soft tempered cat, affectionate and cuddly, but not as pushy and extravert as the Cornish- or the Devon Rex. They are active and playful and don't like being alone. A playmate is a must, as well as toys and scratching posts.

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German Rex
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